MOKOLoRa bætir á áhrifaríkan hátt mælingar á sólarplötum í Suður-Afríku

Yfirlit viðskiptavina

Solar energy resources are abundant, clean, and pollution-free, and it is considered to be a renewable energy source with better utilization prospects. Til að vera nákvæm, it has become a green energy resource that countries are racing to develop. South Africa is one of the regions with the richest solar energy resources in the world. In South Africa, the solar power industry is relatively developed due to abundant sunshine and wide open space, but solar panels are frequently stolen. The high price of large solar panels combined with a lack of local safety measures resulted in significant losses. It is of great significance to take some measures to establish an effective solar panel tracking system.


Manually monitoring the condition and location of all solar panels is a tedious and time-consuming task

Losses from solar panel theft or pilferage can be costly for companies and homeowners

Kostir þess að nýta LoRa í aðfangakeðjuflutningum

No timely alarm system and lack of up-to-date data

Sturdy and durable design to withstand harsh environment with a long operational life

Ensuring continuous and reliable monitoring of solar panels

DAYO af framlagi

In this solar panel tracking application, the client takes advantage of our robust LoRaWAN GPS rekja spor einhvers. The LW001-BG PRO’smotion mode and anti-tamper alarm are effective for monitoring the solar panels. When a solar panel is moved abnormally, the smart device performs a high-frequency GPS location and reports the position to ensure a timely response to theft.

Mikilvægara, the unique anti-tamper alarm mechanism of LW001-BG PRO will trigger an alarm notification at the moment when it is forcibly removed, informing the user of an abnormal situation and reducing the response time so that prompt action can be taken. In addition to the different operating modes and multi-positioning capabilities, the LW001 is rugged enough to withstand severe environments, and its operating life can last up to 5 ár.


Its scalability, flexibility, ease of implementation, and low power consumption have given MOKOLoRa solar panel tracking system a highly efficient monitoring system. The robust LoRaWAN LW001-BG PRO continuously and periodically transmits the location and status data of solar panels to the smart LoRaWAN gateway. The gateway then forwards all the information to the cloud for analysis and processing. All processed information will be available on the mobile devices of our client. There is no need to keep a close eye on the location of solar panels, and you can keep everything under control without leaving home to remotely track the location of solar panels.

Fríðindi afhent

Gather reliable and accurate information about the location and condition of solar panels

Ensure sufficient solar panel tracking visibility and instantly locate the stolen equipment

Solar panel tracking system enable fast and timely alert if there is any stealing incident

Reduce manual labor and lower operational and deployment costs

Withstand harsh field environment (works at -40℃~ 80℃ ambient temperature)


“Definitely, we caught some guy’s trying to steal solar panels these nights. The movement trigger mechanism of the LW001-BG pro is fantastic”

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