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LoRaWAN® Gateway

MKGW2-LW is a LoRaWAN gateway with 8 channels, and it employs Semtech’s high-performance multi-channel transceiver SX1301/SX1257 operating on the MTK platform.

It is utilized indoors for home/factory automation purposes. Its compact size makes the installation of the gateway easy. It can be attached to a wall within your home/factory or installed on the roof.

The LoraWAN Gateway supports

The LoraWAN Gateway supports

Indoor Gateway

MKGW2-LW LoRaWAN Gateway is 8 channel standard LoRaWAN®-Based can be widely used for smart factory, smart building,smart office and other loT system.

Indoor Gateway by LoRaWAN Gateway MKGW2-LW

Simple operation and easy deployment

MKGW2-LW LoRaWAN Gateway is easy to install and provides a variety of power modes to ensure that you can use it in a variety of situations.
And the friendly console UI facilitates you to easily configure the pa rameters of the gateway and quickly start you r loT application.

Multiple network Connectivities

MKGW2-LW can transmit the LoRaWAN model 24/7 via WIFI or network port, which is stable and reliable

Multiple network Connectivities by LoRaWAN Gateway MKGW2-LW

Benefits of using the LoRaWAN Gateway

The MKGW2-LW provides solutions to several problems. These highlighted benefits make the MKGW2-LW standout:

The Lora multi-channel gateway has impressive battery life. Giving you uninterrupted connectivity 24/7.

The LoRaWAN IoT gateway comes with a user-friendly interface. Which allows you set preferred parameters with ease.

Depending on your application, it can serve as your LoRa cellular gateway (also called LoRa GSM gateway). You can utilize the product as a LoRa Ethernet gateway, depending on your application.

The LoRa gateway bridge is portable and can be attached to a wall easily. Specialized tools and expert knowledge isn’t required to set it up.

Radio frequencies of many regions such as the LoRa Gateway Singapore's and LoRa Gateway Australia's license-free frequencies can be easily utilized by this gateway for LoRaWAN data communication.

Own LoRaWAN Stack

Optimized for low-power operations, low latency, and global adaptability.

Rechangred Battery

Built-in 450mAh rechargeable Li battery.With data reported twice a day, the LW004-PB can be used for three months

Easy Configuration

All parameters can be modified via web easily and Support upgrate firmware by OTA or USB

Support download log

Log written in gateway can be downloaded to check the data.

Dimension of MKGW2-LW LoRaWAN® Gateway

Physical Properties


172mm x 120mm x 22.5mm

Net Weight




Shell Material






Bluetooth Performance

Bluetooth chip

Nordic nRF52 series main



Bluetooth Range

up to 50 m (in open area)

Sensor and RFID

3-axis Accelerometer



MIFARE Classic EVI or Customized

Battery and Power

Battery Type

Rechargeable Li-ion battery



Operation current


Charge time

2.5 Hours at 5V/1A

Charge Port

Type C

LoRa Performance

LoRaWAN® Protocol


LoRa® Frequency

US915/AU915/AS923/ EU868/IN865

LoRa® Range

up to 5 km (in open area)

Tx Power

Max 20 dBm


-140dBm@SF12 300bps

Application Specification

IP Rating


Charging Temperature


Operating Temperature







Applications of MKGW2-LW

Software & Documentation

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