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LoRaWAN® Panic Button

LoRaWAN based panic button is part of the LW004-PB with a positioning function. It has unique features like compatible smart outlook, which is simple for an interface interaction. Expediently, it is designed with a special integration phase that fits in the GPS and BLE for better positioning of a person or objects outdoor and indoors. The LW004- PB LoRaWAN Panic Button uses modern technology to send messages through waves for purposes of identification and tracking.

· Built on LoRaWAN Procedure
· Helps in the configuration of ABP and OTAA modes

Emergency Button

An emergency button is a supportive tool that activates the device into alarm mode. For instance, in case of an emergency, a person can press the red button on the device, which activates the device in alarm mode. After pressing the yellow led in the device, the led will blink, and the motor device will vibrate until the alarm is deactivated. When the alarm is in activation mode, The LoRaWAN Panic Button sends the GPS data in form of a report and report on information surrounding the beacon. The information sent through the beacon and GPS help in tracing the moving trajectory and position of people in an emergency to find them, evacuate them, and help them immediately. Furthermore, the emergency button helps in case of personal safety or in passing insecurity notifications.

SOS Button for emergency help by LoRaWAN Contact Tracker LW004-CT

Indoor & Outdoor Positioning

Outdoor and indoor positioning have verification and support from the LW004 LoRaWAN Panic Button. GPS positioning detects local information in the device if the user wearing the LW004 is in an outdoor position. While on the other hand, Bluetooth scanning technology detects local information and positioning if only the user is in indoor positioning.

Wearable Device Supporting RFID

LW004-PB LoRaWAN Panic Button contains a customizable tag design with a 13.56Mhz RFID/NFC tag and a built-in RFID. Furthermore, LW004-PB LoRaWAN Panic Button has a special stylish design that can be worn. It is easy and convenient to use the device due to its unique design. Thus, it is easy for tracking personnel and identification of personnel in possession of it.

Wearable Device supporting RFID by LoRaWAN Contact Tracker LW004-CT

Motion Detection

LW004-PB LoRaWAN Panic Button has 3 inbuilt axes. Each of these axes can sense data in all uplink payloads. The axis includes angles relative to both X-axis, Y-axis, and XYZ as the acceleration values. It becomes easy to state motion status and the device’s relative direction using the axis values.

Motion Detection by LoRaWAN Panic Button

Own LoRaWAN Stack

Universal adaptability, enhanced for low-power processes and low latency.

Rechangred Battery

Rechargeable inbuilt 450mAh Li-battery. Two reports on data daily, a life span of about 3 month.

Easy Configuration

Parameters support OTA and are modified through APP.


The device comes with special features with IP66- rated housing that withstands ocean waves, fine dust, and high-pressure spray.

Three views of LoRaWAN Contact Tracker LW004-CT

Physical Properties



Net Weight




Shell Material






Sensor and RFID


Modified/MIFARE Classic EV1



Application Description

Effective Temperature


IP Ranking


Charging Temperature

0℃~45 ℃

LoRa Performance


-140dBm@SF12 300bps

LoRaWAN® Protocol



Bluetooth 4.2, Nordic nRF52 series main chip

Tx Power

Max 20 dBm

Lora® Range

approximately 5 km (in the open region)

Bluetooth Range

approximately 50 m (in the open region)

Lora® Frequency


Power and Battery


Rechargeable Li-battery

Working Current

< 220mA



Charging time

2.5 Hours@5V/1A

Charging Port

Type C






Additional certifications

can be customized

Applications of LW004-PB

Software & Documentation

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