Indoor positioning
solutions based on Lorawan

How does it work?

First of all, install LW003-B in each room; each people wears beacon which comes with unique MAC address/RSSI & its continuously transmitting an identifier, this beacon...
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LoRaWAN devices of mokolora

Focus on LoRaWAN IoT Field

MOKOLORA is focused on the development of the LoRaWAN IoT field. Product types include terminals, gateways and modules. Up to now, more than 20 mature LoRaWAN applications have been successfully developed, covering many global markets, such as North America, Europe, India and so on.

LoRaWAN Product Design Expert

We specialize in Lorawan products.There is a full team of professional LORAWAN product development staff,including market research specialist, product manager, hardware engineer, software engineer, APP development engineer, product test engineer, reliability test engineer, etc.

We have extensive experience in the production of Lorawan batch product.Our own factory is equipped with professional manufacturing equipment, professional production and testing engineers, to ensure the stability of product quality


Lorawan hardware circuit design case


Mature product hardware design scheme


Batch products'Manufacturing experience


Mature local suppliers of materials


Professional testing equipment


Professional Software engineer proficient in the Lorawan protocol stack

Factory Overview


Factory Building Space

70 Engineers

Professional R&D Team


SMT Lines


DIP Lines


Production Assembly Lines

17+ years

EMS Experience

Rigorous Quality Assurance

MOKO developed a Quality Program that ensures continued improvement in all aspects of the operation. We train our team members to identify problems and use quality tools as we believe key factors of quality management are training, teamwork, communication, and customer focus. Our team looks for the problem, identify improvements, and evaluate effectiveness…

Quality Assurance of MOKOLoRa



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