LoRaWAN Motion Sensor

LW007-PIR is a motion sensor mainly suitable for indoor applications with PIR presence detection, door magnetic induction, and temperature and humidity monitoring,etc. You can see it be used mainly in office, residential, industrial control and other scenes.

Product Features

> Tiny and portable with size of 70mm*50mm*38mm
> Front PIR sensor along with door magnetic detection sensor and temperature and humidity sensor
> 1 LED light for indicating on/off state, low power status and restoring factory settings
> Two buttons,one is the power button on the side of the device and the another is the reset button at the bottom of the battery case for preventing the device from being reset at will

> Ventilation hole designed at the bottom left of the front side for more accurate temperature and humidity monitoring
> Wide range of temperature and humidity monitoring for multi-scenario application(Temperature range: -30℃ -60 ℃ and Humidity range: 0-95%)
> Easy configuration by connecting your phone with Bluetooth and setting factory default parameters is supported

Space Occupancy Detection

LW007-PIR motion sensor can detect whether there are personnel activities in the current detection area through the built-in PIR Sensor, so as to know its space occupancy status. In smart office, users can use LW007-PIR to indicate the use of each conference room, in this way, employees can book the conference room efficiently,and if the conference room they booked is occupied by others, a notification will be sent and the status of the conference room will be marked as occupied, so that the colleague can book another conference room as soon as possible.

Exquisite and Compact, Easy to Install

Wide detection range(up to 8m) and wide angle(Horizontal maximum up to 120°, vertical maximum up to 60°)
Support 3M adhesive, screw fixation and other installation methods, can be installed on the ceiling, wall, door frame on the side code, flexible installation position.

Ceiling installation type

Wall installation type

Glued with sticker

Fixed with screws

Door Magnetic Induction

By installing the LW007-PIR and self-contained magnetic accessory on the corresponding position of the door and the door frame in the room,the opening and closing action of the door can be detected by the hall sensor built in the LW007-PIR,and then the payload message will be reported to the server. It’s a good way to detect the the entry and exit of the staff and the use of the room space

Environmental Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

With temperature and humidity sensor inserted, LW007-PIR motion sensor will periodically upload the detected temperature and humidity data of the current environment to the server through LoRaWAN. Based on the data reported by the server, you can monitor the temperature, humidity and change range of the current environment, handle anomalies in a timely manner, and make statistical analysis of the data.

Temperature overrun alarm: The user can set a temperature range with upper and lower limits. When the ambient temperature of the monitored area is not in this range, the device will immediately send an alarm message to the server to remind the user of the current ambient temperature anomaly.

Temperature change alarm: When the temperature change range exceeds the set change value within the set time, the Payload information will be reported immediately. User can set the corresponding value based on practical application. For example, if the time is set to 1H, and the change value is set to 2,then the temperature will be considered to change too fast if the temperature changes more than 2℃ within 1h, in this way an alarm message will be reported to the server to remind users of the abnormal temperature fluctuation.

Battery Management

Long battery life with up to five years in typical application scenarios.
Low power notification: When the device is in the low power state, a message will be immediately sent to the server to remind the user for replacing the battery.

The PIR is triggered 20 times a day and report Payload. The detection duration is 10 seconds (plus the 10s delay time by default)

Trigger the door magnetic detection function 20 times a day and then report Payload

Bluetooth broadcasting is running continuously by parameters in default

The data is deliver in SF10 by default

Technical Description

LoRa Protocol

LoRaWAN V1.03

LoRa Frequency

EU868/AU915/US915/AS923/IN865/KR920/ EU433/CN470/CN779/RU864

LoRa Communication Distance

7km communication distance (in urban open space)

Bluetooth Communication Distance

50m communication distance (in urban open space)


2*AA ER14505 5200mAh Replaceable battery





Operating Environment

Temperature: -30℃~60℃ Humidity: 0%~95%



Installation Ways

Double-sided tape/Screws



Certification (pending)

USA: FCC and Europe: CE are pending, other certifications can be customized

Applications of LW007-PIR

Software & Documentation

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