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LoRaWAN Meter Plug

LW005-MP is a LoRaWAN smart plug for indoor power and energy consumption monitoring, supporting a wide range of voltage inputs. It is mainly suitable for intelligent electrical monitoring, industrial equipment control, power monitoring and energy management. We offer LW005 wireless meter plug in compliance with EU, US, UK, and FRA standards.

Product Features

> LoRaWAN® Class C compatible
> Instantaneous current, instantaneous voltage, instantaneous power reporting
> ±0.5 power measuring accuracy
> Support wide range of voltage input (100-240VAC,50/60HZ)
> Multiple plug types (UK/US/FR/EU Type)
> Power consumption stack
> Childproof design

> Locally store the daily /total energy data
> Multiple protection mechanism to minimize the electricity risk
> Load starts/stops working notification
> PC+ABS Flame-Retardant Material
> Two indicators display device network and switch state respectively
> Compatible with mainstream gateways and servers (TTN, SENET, LORA IOT, etc.)

ON/OFF Remote Control

Turn on/off your electrical appliance from the mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

Automating your appliance and making your home/office smarter.

ON/OFF Remote Control of LW005-MP Meter Plug

Real-time Energy Consumption Monitoring

The LoRaWAN meter plug can measure and report the electrical payload periodically with an accuracy of ±0.5. LW005-MP will be your best assistant to save electricity and lower power bills.

Real-time Energy Consumption Monitoring of LW005-MP Meter Plug

Timer Switch

You can set flexible time schedules to turn on/off the remote appliance automatically for a smarter, greener life.

Overload/Overcurrent/ Overvoltage/ Undervoltage Protection

LW005-MP LoRaWAN meter plug is designed with multiple protection mechanisms. When it is detected that the voltage/current/power of the connected load exceeds the safe range, the plug will automatically turn off, the indicator light will flash red, and an alarm message will be reported.

Overload/Overcurrent/ Overvoltage/ Undervoltage Protection of LW005-MP Meter Plug

Multicolor LED indicates Load Power

The power indicator of LW005 LoRaWAN meter plug will display different colors depending on the power of the connected load appliance. With different colors representing different power levels, you can get to know the load power change intuitively and conveniently.

Physical Properties

Dimensions (LxWxH)


Shell Material




Application Specification

Operating Temperature

-20 ~ + 40℃

Operating Humidity

10% - 95% (No condensation)


CE FCC certification in process

BLE Wireless Specification

Bluetooth® (BLE)


TX Power

Max 4 dBm

BLE Communication Distance

Up to 50m in free space

Electronic Specification

Plug Type


Power Supply

100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Output Capacity

US type: 15A
UK type: 13A
EU/FR type: 16A

Switch/reset button

Short click button once to turn the switch ON/OFF; Long press the button for 10 seconds to restore to factory setting

LoRa Wireless Specification

LoRa Protocol

LoRaWAN V1.0.3

Lora Frequency

EU868/AU915/US915/AS923/IN865/ KR920/EU433/C N470/CN779/RU864

Tx Power

Max 21dBm


-137dBm@SF12 300bps

LoRa Communication Distance

Up to 7 km (in urban open space)

LW005-MP LoRaWAN Meter Plug

Applications of LW005-MP

Software & Documentation

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