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Our R&D Center

MOKOLoRa has an experienced and professional team that is involved in the design and development of IoT products. The R&D Center is located in Wuhan, while our factory and offices are situated in Shenzen, China. Currently, there are more than 100 employees working in the R&D center, which is divided into several departments, namely:

• Hardware Design Department
• Software Development Department
• Production Management Department
• Project Management Department
• Reliability Test Group
• App Department etc.

R&D Center of MOKOLoRa

Our ODM Competence

What we do best: from your ideas to mass manufacturing

Concept and Product Design of MOKOLoRa

Concept and Product Design

Partnering with MOKOLoRa means that you’ll gain access to a dedicated team of LoRaWAN technical engineers and developers who can assist you to enhance the vitality and structure of your existing products and define new ones. With special attention to understanding the ins and outs of your needs, we are capable of offering tailor-made solutions with superior quality and flexibility to meet your specific needs.

Frimware & Hardware Development

·Experts in protocol stack development of LoRaWAN products
·Adequate knowledge of RS485/RS232/12 C/SPI and other communication interface development
·Rich experience in application development of 3-axis modules, GPS modules, and other sensor modules
·Experts in the designing of LoRaWAN hardware products, with more than 1,000 fruitful cases of design
·Our autonomous RF team has adequate skills in the design simulation of antennas and real combat
·Expert team of rich power solutions to easily achieve ultra-power intake under compatible enactment conditions

Frimware & Hardware Development of MOKOLoRa
Industrial & Mechanical Designing of MOKOLoRa

Industrial & Mechanical Designing

• We provide customers with no less than 3 prototypes to select the best that fits them
• We have over 100 waterproof design solutions. In the development phase, we offer simulation waterproof testing solutions
• We support ergonomic designs on all our equipment

Testing and Debugging

We get the best out of the test coverage by applying the scan chain all through the design layout phase. Also, we test and debug assembled prototypes using our developed test programs, BIST, and test fixtures. Thus, we can easily deliver a fully tested prototype set ready to power up for efficient assessment.

Testing and Debugging of MOKOLoRa
factory of MOKO Technology

In House Manufacturing

MOKOLoRa is ISO9001, UL, and IPC certified. We have a rich experience of over 17 years in the development and manufacture of customized solutions. Our goal is to provide customers with standardized, high-quality, excellent products. In conjunction with our NPS services, we give our customers a highly integrated environment that enables them to easily shift from prototype to production in intensely compressed time frames.

Certifications of MOKOLoRa

IP Protection

Moko is the leading developer and manufacturer of IoT products. Our offices are located in Shenzen, and we also have an assembling and manufacturing factory at Shenzen.

At Moko, we are your number one IP Custodian. We strictly follow all NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS we sign with our customers.

IP Protection of MOKOLoRa

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