To win-win

The MOKOLoRa white-label partner, also known as private-label, provides a wide range of white label products for the LoRAWAN devices global market. Presently, our line of production consist of
• LoRaWAN End-nodes
• LoRaWAN Gateways
• LoRaWAN Modules
Below are reasons as to why you should consider the white label as your next partner.

Build your brand

You do not have to work below the shadows of other companies that prohibit the growth of your brand. MOKOLoRa has a white-label solution that enables you to sell all our products using your brand name.

Launch your business faster

It is now easier to dive right into the market of smart devices promptly while free of necessitating a substantial financial investment.

Control your clients

You can now completely control your customers as our white label allows you to set your prices. It also bundles your products to suit your customer’s demands; thus, it enables you to have a close relationship with all your clients.

Earn more cash

Our white-label eradicates long lead times and considerably minimizes and eliminates the prices of product development. Hence, it enables you to make more money by saving big.

Customize Packaging

We customize our packaging materials, methods, and sizes such that they differ according to the requirements of our customers.

Customize Logo

Our Logo ICONS are mounted either on the device’s surface, packaging, configuration APP, or any other related part.

Pre-configuration Parameters

We support the preset of pre-factory LoRaWAN parameters such as network restrictions, working mode, intervals of reporting, and all other configuration items.

LoRaWAN product of MOKOLoRa

LoRaWAN End- Nodes

MKGW2-LW LoRaWAN® Gateway

LoRaWAN Gateways

LoRaWAN module of MOKOLoRa

LoRaWAN Modules


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