GPS Fleet Tracking Devices

Monitor driving information, vehicle efficiency, and fleet scheduling with the help of our professional tracking solutions.

Real-Time Location Tracking

Ensure that every piece of equipment is being utilized to its full potential. Keep track of the whereabouts of your equipment to protect them from unauthorized access or theft.

Route Optimization

Curb route deviation and overtime driving by planning and analyzing your routes. Have a bird’s-eye view of fleet arrival and departure times.

Real-Time Dispatching

Stay ahead of every new business opportunity. Seamlessly dispatch your closest drivers to new order locations, and adapt to unexpected changes in a snap.

Vehicle Condition

Optimize trailer detention and utilization while remotely monitoring sensitive loads with the help of cargo and door humidity and temperature sensors.

Driver and Vehicle Safety

Protect your drivers, cargo, and equipment from accidents by monitoring speeding, harsh acceleration/braking, and excessive idling.

Time on Site

Keep tabs on how your drivers are spending their time for more control over the inefficient or unauthorized activity.

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Keep tabs on the location of your equipment with motion status reports. We optimize usage life by varying reporting intervals for each status.

Access a high-precision GPS. Our GPS boasts faster fixes and enhanced accuracy thanks to its 72-channel high sensitivity receiver (-167 dBm).

A server that provides detailed reports by analyzing and calculating extensive data sets.

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