Quality Assurance

MOKO has been engaged in electronics manufacturing since 2006. The company is committed to providing high-quality, reliable, and secure IoT products and solutions to customers around the world. We have been awarded BQB, IPC, UL, ISO14001:2015, and ISO9001:2015, delivering consistently high-quality and cost-effective LoRaWAN products and services for consumers and a wide range of applications.

Quality testing is performed throughout the whole manufacturing process to achieve international quality and certification. All LoRaWAN products are FCC and CE certified, and some products are RoHS, IC, ETL and UL certified. The OEM and ODM standards of MOKOLoRa ensure that we consistently provide services that meet our customer and regulatory requirements.

function testing of MOKO factory
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Mature Quality Control System Brings Assured Products

Reliable Supplier & Premium Raw Materials

Dust-free Manufacturing Clean Room

Stringent In-process Quality Control

Complete & Automated Function Testing

Professional Quality Control Engineers

Periodical Machine Maintenance

Rigorous Final Inspection & Out-of-box Audits

Global Regulatory Compliant

Well-Procured Premium Raw Materials Secure Supply Chain

MOKOLoRa boasts its independent and sound purchasing department with more than 30 employees. We have established long-term cooperation with a large number of components manufacturers. Our procurement staff is rigorous in the overall quality of goods, materials, and equipment. They continually inspect the availability and reliability of suppliers and procure for ways to get better goods. Moreover, the main compliance of procurement with all regulations contributes to controllable costs and smooth production.

Professional Clean Room Ensures Dust-free Manufacturing

MOKOLoRa covers a total area of 13,000㎡factory building space, of which the clean room is 5500 ㎡. The company boasts 3 floors of enclosed dust-free assembly and packaging workshops, 7 automatic assembly lines, and can produce 30,000 products per day. All workers need to wear dust-free clothes, hats, and gloves before going through the air shower room. To ensure that the production process is pollution-free, the workshop is also equipped with efficient insecticide lamps to prevent insects from entering the product.

factory of MOKO Technology

Rigorous In-process Quality Control is Critical to Smooth Production & Quality Product

Quality, sustainability and time-to-market are what we strive for. Therefore, we have high requirements for product quality control in the production process. Target performance levels are established for product quality, which is conscientiously monitored and controlled by our workers. Our workshops are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to meet diverse product demands.

Thorough Function Testing Strengthens Product Quality Assurance

Functional testing should run through the entire production process. Our workshop is equipped with various advanced testing equipment, and we will conduct a series of functional reliability tests on our products, such as aging test, low temperature and high temperature test, salt spray test, battery life, drop test, waterproof test, etc. In addition, we will also carry out functional sampling inspection of finished products to further ensure product quality.

Professional Quality Control Engineers & Periodical Machine Maintenance

In order to ensure the quality of the production process, we have set up professional quality control engineers and machine maintenance inspector. The well-trained quality control engineers have a clear division of work for the projects in charge, ensuring that each production process meets the industry standards. Moreover, periodical inspection of machines will be carried out.

Quality control of MOKO factory
warehouse of MOKO factory

Rigorous Final Inspection & Out-of-box Audits Bring Assured Products

In addition to functional testing, a final quality audit will be performed prior to shipment to ensure that the product produced has passed all manufacturing and testing processes and is of good quality. There shall be no visible dirt, surface bruise, exposed substrate of terminals, thread distortion, scratches, etc. The out-of-box audits add an extra layer of quality to ensure proper labeling.

Global Supply Chain Management and Regulatory Compliant

“Quality” is always synonymous with us. We always insist on providing customers with quality and reliable products. Our reliable China suppliers ensure continuous delivery from electronic materials to structural assembly materials, and we work closely with internationally renowned equipment brand manufacturers such as Nordic, TI, Silicon Labs, ST, etc. We take a rigorous approach to wireless solutions and product standards and industry-recognized certifications.

Certifications of MOKOLoRa

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