LoRaWAN Tracker

The LW008-MT series are small-size LoRaWAN trackers designed for indoor and outdoor positioning, making them perfect for building construction, logistics tracking, and other asset tracking needs. The device is smaller than traditional trackers, allowing for tracking of smaller vehicles and assets. Trust the LW008-MT/MTP to keep your assets secure and accessible.

Product Features

> Support vibration detection
> Support idle detection
> Support downlink request for location
> Local data back up for uplink payloads
> Magnetic mounting function (optional)

> Long operational life
> Multiple working modes ( standby mode, periodic mode, timing mode and motion mode)
> Multiple positioning strategies available (GPS positioning, WIFI positioning and Bluetooth positioning)

Indoor & Outdoor Asset Tracking

The LW008-MT series compact LoRaWAN tracker can be used both indoors and outdoors to provide accurate positioning information for your assets, giving you greater flexibility and efficiency in your tracking efforts.

Multiple Versions Support

LW008-MT: Built-in LoRa Edge LR1110 positioning chip for GPS positioning (with LoRa Cloud), lower power consumption and longer battery life.

LoRa Edge positioning of LW008-MT/MTP LoRaWAN Tracker

LW008-MTP: Traditional GPS positioning (built-in independent GPS positioning module) makes it easier to obtain positioning data without additional integration of LoRa Cloud service.

GPS positioning of LW008-MT/MTP LoRaWAN Tracker

Shock Detection

The built-in three-axis sensor of our LoRaWAN asset tracker can detect if the assets are subject to impact or violent treatment. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that handle delicate items or high-value assets, such as museums, galleries, or transport companies.

Shock Detection of LW008-MT/MTP LoRaWAN Tracker

Local Data Back Up

Local Data Back Up of LW008-MT/MTP LoRaWAN Tracker

Weatherproof and Rugged IP67 Housing

The rugged housing design and IP67 protection class enable the LW008 LoRaWAN tracker to operate stably in harsh working environments, even in the presence of water, dust, or extreme temperatures.

Weatherproof of LW008-MT/MTP LoRaWAN Tracker
Rugged IP67 Housing of LW008-MT/MTP LoRaWAN Tracker

Magnetic Suction Support

The LoRaWAN tracker is flexible in installation and can be mounted with screws, double-sided tape, or magnetic suction. It’s suitable for a wide range of tracking applications.

Double-sided tape of LW008-MT/MTP LoRaWAN Tracker
Screws of LW008-MT/MTP LoRaWAN Tracker
Magnetic suction of LW008-MT/MTP LoRaWAN Tracker
Dimension of LW008-MT/MTP LoRaWAN Tracker


LoRaWAN V1.03

7 km communication distance(in urban open space)


1*AA ER14505M 2100mAh Replaceable battery





IP Rating


Operating Environment


-40℃ ~ 80℃


5% ~ 95%



Certification (pending)





The certifications are on the process, other certifications can be customized

Applications of LW008-MT Series

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