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LoRaWAN Parking Sensor

LW009-IG/SM LoRaWAN parking sensor is a wireless vehicle detector that integrates microwave radar and geomagnetic detection technology, suitable for indoor and outdoor parking space status detection. It adopts advanced signal detection algorithm to perform reliable and precise parking space occupancy detection and parking time statistics. Two different installation methods are available for your option, either IG in-ground installation or SM surface-mount installation.

Product Features

> Support dual-mode radar and geomagnetic detection, with high reliability over 99%
> Long transmission distance (500m~1000m), compatible with the LoRaWAN protocol
> Ultra-low power consumption with more than 5 years of service life in typical scenarios
> Bluetooth wireless upgrade and calibration

> Built-in battery, flexible installation, easy after-sales maintenance
> Easy configuration by connecting your phone via Bluetooth and setting factory default parameters is supported
> Abnormal status notification includes strong electromagnetic interference alarm, low voltage prompt, and hardware error warning
> Built-in temperature and humidity sensor to measure whether the road is icy

Parking Occupancy Detection

The LW009 IoT parking sensor detects and reports the status on the parking space (occupied or available) by integrating with built-in magnetic sensor and radar sensor, combined with AI intelligent algorithm, enabling active and smart parking occupancy management. Compared with the common single magnetic vehicle detection sensor in the market, the dual-mode parking detection can significantly reduce the probability of false detection in the case of magnetic field interference.

Robust Design, Flexible Installation, Convenient Maintenance

The design of LW009 IoT parking sensor is sturdy and durable that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It is also very versatile and can be installed in two different ways to suit your needs. The IG and SM are chosen depending on the intended application and desired scenarios. Both are waterproof IP68 enclosures for easy installation and after-sales maintenance.

Dimension of LW009-IG LoRaWAN Parking Sensor
Dimension of LW009-SM LoRaWAN Parking Sensor

Device Working State & Parking Status Reporting

After the vehicle detection sensor is powered on and successfully connected to the network, it will immediately report the device information, and its heartbeat reporting interval can also be modified.

Heartbeat report: The device will regularly report the parking space status after startup, which is called heartbeat report. The default value is 12H, and it can be modified before delivery according to the actual application.

Parking space status change reporting: when the current status of the parking space is changed (from vacant to occupied, or vice versa), the detector will immediately report the parking space status and indicate the change type of the current status.

Device Working State & Parking Status Reporting of LW009-IG/SM LoRaWAN Parking Sensor

Abnormal Status Notification

Strong electromagnetic interference alarm of LW009-IG/SM LoRaWAN Parking Sensor

When the device battery capacity is low, it will immediately report the parking space status payload, indicating that the device is in a low power state.

Low battery prompt

Hardware error warning of LW009-IG/SM LoRaWAN Parking Sensor

If there is something wrong with the magnetic sensor or microwave radar sensor, the device will instantly report the parking space status payload and indicate the cause of the failure in the data type.

Hardware error warning

Low battery prompt of LW009-IG/SM LoRaWAN Parking Sensor

Intense magnetic interference around the device can lead to abnormal parking space status detection, and its impact will be indicated in the data type.

Strong electromagnetic interference alarm

Ambient Temperature and Humidity Monitoring (Auxiliary)

LW009 is equipped with built-in temperature and humidity sensor, which can assist in monitoring the temperature and humidity of the current parking space road. The measured value will be reported along with the parking space status data. Especially in low temperatures and bad weather, it can be used as early warning and monitoring for freezing on roads and parking lots.

LW009-SM comes standard with temperature and humidity detection function;
LW009-IG comes without the capability, and it shall be optional.

Ambient Temperature and Humidity Monitoring (Auxiliary) of LW009-IG/SM LoRaWAN Parking Sensor

Battery Management

Long battery life with up to five years of service life in typical application scenarios.

Description of typical scenario: Regular reporting interval of 12 hours, 5 vehicles entering and exiting the parking space every day, and nothing wrong with the communication network.

Long battery life of LW009-IG/SM LoRaWAN Parking Sensor


Detection Algorithm

Dual mode:
1.3 axis joint detection algorithm 2.Radar

Installation Method

Surface-Mounting Type(LW009-IG)
Flush Type(LW009-SM)

Upgrade Method

Remote Wireless upgrade

State Monitor

Low voltage alarm, Hardware error alarm, Strong magnetic disturbance alarm

Power Supply

Built-in 3.6V Lithium battery, 20Ah(LW009-IG)

Life Duration

5 years under typical scenarios

Application Specification

Power Switch

Wake-up via Bluetooth

Operation Temperature

-40℃ ~ 85℃

Operation Humidity

10% ~ 90%

Environment Requirement

No ferromagnetic materials,
No strong magnetic field nearby,
No metal shield covers the detector


Detection Accuracy



Hall sensor, geomagnetic sensor and microwave radar sensor

LoRa Wireless Specification


LoRaWAN V1.0.3 Class A



Spreading Factor

125 kHz ~ 500 kHz

Tx Power

Max 17dBm


-135 dBm(SF12, 125KHz)

Communication Distance

Up to 500m ~1000m (Depends on actual environment)

Physical Specification

Protection Level



Φ: 202mm, H: 30mm(LW009-IG)
Φ: 130mm, H: 87mm(LW009-SM)



Force Resistance

10 tons

Applications of LW009

Software & Documentation

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