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LoRaWAN® Bluetooth Gateway

LoRaWAN Bluetooth Gateway LW003-B integrates Bluetooth and LoRawan wireless communication, it can scan BLE Beacon data and transmits data to LoRaWAN gateway, and then upload to server, so as to realize environmental monitoring and indoor positioning.

> Based on LoRaWAN® Protocol
> Support for configuring ABP and OTAA modes

Product Features

> LoRaWAN-based operating protocol
> Nordic nRF52 series, Bluetooth 5.0 compatible
> Low battery indicator
> Configure data intervals
> Firmware update Over The Air (OTA)
> Long battery life (4200mAh, Max 3 months operating time)

> Configure ABP and OTAA modes with MKLoRa APP
> Configure LoRaWAN network data through the downlink
> Support for configuring LoRaWAN-Based parameters by downlink command
> Support battery power and direct power supply
> Built-in 4M FLASH memory chip, supports 20,000 pieces of data local storage at most

Bluetooth LoRaWAN Wireless Integration

Seamless and easy integration for Bluetooth and LoRaWAN wireless communications deployment. The conversion highlights of Bluetooth and LoRaWAN enable low-power and long-distance transmission in various applications.

Supporting Multiple Scanning Strategies

There are seven different combinations to scan and report data using the LW003-B device, each of which can be chosen to suit different situations and help conserve battery life. Users can switch between these strategies as needed, but only one can be active at any given time.

Multiple scanning strategies of LW003-B LoRaWAN Bluetooth Gateway

High Throughput & Data Filterable

Users can now report only the necessary content from Beacons, tailored to specific Beacon types and their individual needs. The LW003 device has already filtered out effective data for common Beacon types, but users can also customize their reporting for unknown types by selecting different Bluetooth data types and fields.

High throughput & data filterable of LW003-B LoRaWAN Bluetooth Gateway

Repower-on Connection Resume

When the LW003-B device runs out of power or experiences an abnormal shutdown, it can automatically turn back on and resume its working state once it’s powered on again.

Repower-on connection resume of LW003-B LoRaWAN Bluetooth Gateway

Working Status Payload Reminder

The LW003-B will regularly report payloads on its battery level, voltage, temperature, and humidity as a status reminder, even in case of low battery and shutdown. This helps users to have a better understanding of the device’s working status and manage it effectively.

Ultra Low Power Consumption

Built-in 4200 mAh rechargeable lithium battery ensures up to 3 months of service life
Approx. 5H from 0 to full (5V/2A)

Ultra-low power consumption of LW003-B LoRaWAN Bluetooth Gateway
Dimensions of LoRaWAN Bluetooth Gateway LW003-B

LoRa Wireless Specification

LoRa Protocol

LoRaWAN V1.0.3

Lora Frequency

EU868/AU915/US915/ AS923/IN865/KR920/ EU433/CN470/CN779

Tx Power

Max 21dBm


-137dBm@SF12 300bps

LoRa Communication Distance

Up to 4 km (in urban open space)

Application Parameter

Operating Temperature

-20 ~ + 60℃

IP Rate

No waterproof






BLE Wireless Specification

Bluetooth® (BLE)


TX Power

Max 8 dBm

BLE Communication Distance

Up to 50m in free space

Physical Parameter


122.7mm×109mm×36mm (±2mm)

Net Weight

165 g±2g

Shell Material


Power supply Specification

Power Supply

Micro USB or Battery

Changer Time

3.5 hours@5V/2A

Battery characteristics

4200mA rechargeable battery

Power Consumption

Operating Current

< 180mA

Sleep Current

< 15uA

Applications of LW003-B

Software & Documentation

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