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MOKO OEM Services

We will bring your bright and creative product concepts to market in strict accordance with your quality and brand standards through our OEM service.

  • Fast PCB fabrication of sample and mass production
  • Electronic components purchasing
  • Electronic assembly (available on SMT, BAG, DIP)
  • PCB design & PCB layout & PCBA test
  • Finished product testing
  • Stencil and enclosure service
  • Product international certification service

MOKO OEM Services

MOKOLoRa is a leading provider of LoRaWAN devices and solutions. We offer complete OEM services – starting with design and development, continuing through the manufacturing stage, and subsequent batch and mass production. Send us your great ideas, and we will professionally bring the products to life according to your expectations: from the specification sheet and via approvals and validations up to the series production.

Processes of MOKOLoRa OEM Services

Benefits of Partnering with MOKO

Based on our developed electronic component manufacturing technology, we manufacture high-performance and customized LoRaWAN hardware catering to a wide range of LoRa solutions. We aim to empower our customers to scale their businesses and be more competitive in the market. If you are still wondering if you should engage MOKO’s OEM services, consider the benefits it brings to your business.

16+ years experience

We have a great experience of over 16 years in electronic manufacturing services, as well as rich experience in the assembly of LoRaWAN products.

Dedicated support team

We have more than 70 skilled IoT engineers responsible for the planning, introduction, and production of every step of new products.

Quick project realization

A large production capacity of over 30,000 products per day is ensured with 5 automatic SMD assembly lines, 3 DIP lines, and 7 production assembly lines.

Enjoy preferential OEM pricing

We provide PCB assembly training services and PCB components for our customers, all at economical prices.

Quality guaranteed

We offer rigorous quality control system for product performance. This includes the performance of LoRa communication, GPS positioning, power, the sensitivity of model receptions, and other electronic constraints.

Elevate your brand

Our state-of-the-art capabilities and one-stop support ensure the best customer experience. We deeply believe that our excellent service and experience will fully meet your needs.

LoRaWAN Devices Manufacture and Assembly

Quality, sustainability, cost, and time-to-market are always at the forefront of our solutions. We bring world-class products to global markets and reduce risks for our partners. Discover how our LoRaWAN smart devices are manufactured to deliver more customer value.

LoRaWAN Devices Manufacture and Assembly
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Our LoRaWAN Devices

LoRaWAN Motion Sensor

LoRaWAN GPS Tracker

LoRaWAN T&H Sensor

LoRaWAN Panic Button

LoRaWAN Bluetooth Gateway

LoRaWAN Contact Tracker

LoRaWAN Gateway




What Our OEM Partners Say

Use Cases for OEM Partners

MOKOLoRa provides Australian farmers with livestock tracking solutions

MOKOLoRa effectively improves solar panel tracking in South Africa

Reliable tunnel worker tracking with MOKOLoRa ensures worker safety

Efficient smart restroom solution enabled by MOKOLoRa module

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