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LoRaWAN® Contact Tracker

LW004-CT LoRaWAN Contact Tracker is an IoT device that has a LoRaWAN-Based network. The device is specially designed for contact tracing. It is easy to use this Lorawan contact tracker due to its compactness and small size. Apart from tracking close contacts, the device can be used as a reminder of social safety distance. Also, it comes with a panic button that can be used for SOS purposes where the user defines the panic event.

> Based on LoRaWAN Protocol
> With Bluetooth Low Energy, advertising and scanning roles
> Support for configuring ABP and OTAA modes

Contact Tracing

Via Bluetooth, the LW004-CT LoRaWAN Contact Tracker easily records and tracks data when the user is in close contact with someone wearing the same contact tracker. The information tracked by this Lorawan® tracker is reported by a LoRaWAN® network

Contact Tracing by LoRaWAN Contact Tracker LW004-CT

Social situation distance reminder

LW004-CT LoRaWAN Contact Tracker is suitable for use in offices, schools, hospitals, and other public areas. It can be used to alert people on social distancing using the signal strength perception. The device alerts individuals using motor vibrations and flashlights in crowded places. It also records the contact behavior of individuals in a crowded area.

Social situation distance reminder by LoRaWAN Contact Tracker LW004-CT

Indoor & Outdoor Positioning

The device is ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor positioning. It uses Bluetooth scanning technology to collect information when the user is indoors, and GPS positioning when the user is outdoors.

SOS Button for emergency help

LW004-CT LoRaWAN Contact Tracker has an in-built mechanical button, which when pressed enables someone to send an SOS signal and obtain emergency services. Therefore, it is easier and quicker to obtain information from patients, students, etc. during emergency cases.

SOS Button for emergency help by LoRaWAN Contact Tracker LW004-CT

Wearable Device supporting RFID

The device has an in-built RFID that is customizable using the 13.56 MHz RFID/NFC tag design. It also has a stylish wearable design that makes personal tracking and identification promising. Moreover, this wearable beacon enables portable and easy use of applications.

Wearable Device supporting RFID by LoRaWAN Contact Tracker LW004-CT

Own LoRaWAN Stack

The device is heightened with operations of low-power operations, squat potential, and global flexibility.

High Capacity Battery

LW004-CT contact tracker comes with an in-built and rechargeable 450mAh Li-battery. The battery can even last for 3 days when the scanning function is on.

Easy Configuration

Using an application, it is easy to configure LW004-CT contact tracker parameters and support OTA.


The device has an IP66-rated housing that enables it to endure fine dust, sprays of high pressure, and also sea waves

Easy Configuration

The user can establish some other functions of this Lora contact tracker by mounting the three-axis data. This can be achieved by modifying the rate of data reporting and adjusting the equipment’s state of working in line with its activity state.

Three views of LoRaWAN Contact Tracker LW004-CT

Physical Properties



Net Weight




Shell Material






Sensor and RFID


3-Axis LIS3DHTR for motion detection


MIFARE Customized or Classic EV1

Bluetooth Performance

Bluetooth Range

Over 50 meters in open places


Nordic nRF52 series main chip, Bluetooth 4.2

LoRa Performance


LoRaWAN® V1.0.3


close to 5 km in open areas

Tx Power

Maximum 20 dBm


-140dBm@SF12 300bps



Battery and Power

Battery Type

Rechargeable Li-battery

Charge time

2.5 Hours@5V/1A



Operating Current

Less than 220mA

Charge Port

Type C

Application Specification

Charging Temperature

0℃~45 ℃

Operating Temperature


IP Rating







Application of LW004-CT

Software & Documentation

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