MOKOLoRa livestock tracking solution in Australian pasture

Client Overview

Australia has vast pastures and fertile grassland resources, so there are many herders who graze cattle and sheep on a large scale. In the vast and sparsely populated grasslands, how to monitor and track the livestock and deal with abnormal events such as theft, illness, falling into mud pits has become a big problem for herders.

Business Challenges

It is difficult to determine the location of each cow in the vast and free pasture

Losses from cattle and sheep accidents and theft can be very costly for herders

Benefits of leveraging LoRa in supply chain logistics

Manually monitoring and inspecting the livestock conditions and behaviors can be a daunting task

Cattle and sheep management is a complex round-the-clock work that requires a lot of time and energy of herdsmen

MOKOLoRa Contribution

Our LoRaWAN GPS tracker LW001-BG PRO is placed on the collars of each cattle and sheep to continuously and periodically provide our client with real-time location and motion sensing information about the animal. Through the idle detection function, when the livestock stops for a long time in case of an abnormal event, the livestock tracking device will promptly report such abnormality to inform the cattle rancher. Then, coupled with the active positioning function, the herdsman can obtain the current location information of the livestock in time to confirm whether the livestock has encountered unanticipated situations such as injury, falling into the pit, or death.

MOKOLoRa Contribution in livestock tracking solution


Generally, the smart livestock tracking system requires that each cattle or sheep should be equipped with our LW001-BG PRO LoRaWAN tracker, which is costly and the overall project can be expensive. Based on the Bluetooth + GPS + WiFi multi-positioning technology of LW001-BG PRO, we have launched a new cost-effective LoRaWAN cattle tracking solution: LoRa GPS tracker + BLE ear tag beacon.

1. Install LW001-BG PRO on a cow in a herd, and it can periodically update the latitude and longitude of the head cow
2. Install beacon livestock tracking tag on the ears of other cows in the herd, and the LW001-BG PRO can regularly scan the surrounding beacon data and report it as positioning data
3. According to the GPS position of the head cow and the reported beacn information of the auxiliary cow, the approximate positions of other cows can be estimated, so as to realize the tracking of the whole herd in a low-cost scheme

Solution Diagram of MOKOLoRa livestock tracking solution

Benefits Delivered

LoRaWAN-based livestock tracking solution helped herders remotely and effectively track the location of their cattle and sheep

Instant notification and alerts for livestock accidents, and ranchers can act faster in case of an abnormality

Reduce animal health risks and avoid livestock loss and theft

Enhance ranch efficiency, productivity and security

Better ranch management and lower cost

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