Reliable tunnel worker tracking with MOKOLoRa ensures worker safety

Client Overview

With the rapid economic development, the infrastructure construction industry is becoming more and more developed. At the same time, there are more and more complex and dangerous construction scenarios such as tunnels, bridges, and caves, which puts forward new requirements for the safety of construction workers. In tunnel construction, collisions between workers and equipment, as well as between the equipment themselves, occur frequently due to limited visibility and confined working conditions. Safety is a top priority for any construction industry, but ensuring the integrity of the tunnel worker tracking network can be a huge challenge for any business.

Business Challenges

Complex and confined construction site with a large number of construction workers, tools, and equipment

Unstable connectivity and wiring is difficult inside the confined tunnel

Benefits of leveraging LoRa in supply chain logistics

Various unexpected risks of cave-ins, rockfalls, flooding and other hazards in tunnels

Tunneling requires equipment with a long battery operational life

Lack of safety awareness among some construction workers

MOKOLoRa Contribution

Based on Bluetooth location technology, the Singapore client has developed a solution for tunnel construction worker location tracking with MOKOLoRa LW003-B LoRaWAN Bluetooth Gateway and work-card beacon. The integrated worker tracking system has been deployed locally in Singapore to enhance the safety of tunnel workers and reduce the chance of security incidents.

The client will install LW003-B at a certain density in various parts of their entire construction site, especially in some hazardous areas. Construction workers entering the tunnel are required to wear worker tracking devices such as beacon-enabled helmets or work cards.

MOKOLoRa Contribution in tunnel worker tracking

The LW003-B will scan the beacon equipment that workers are wearing as they walk and work at the tunnel construction site. In addition, it will regularly transfer the data to a LoRaWAN gateway, allowing construction staff to monitor and track the location and whereabouts of the workers.

If someone stays in a dangerous area for a long time, a warning will be issued in time and instant measures will be taken to ensure the safety of construction workers. Moreover, historical activity track query can provide decision basis for event processing.To be precise, the field worker tracking greatly improves the efficiency of construction management.

Solution Diagram of MOKOLoRa tunnel worker tracking

Benefits Delivered

No additional infrastructure is required for construction worker tracking and equipment tracking

Enhance worker safety from real-time collection and analysis of location data

Simple and effective installation, scalable deployment, no cables required

Available emergency button trigger to ask for help instantly

Set up geolocation fences around dangerous areas with automatic alarms

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