Efficient smart restroom solution enabled by MOKOLoRa odule

Client Overview

Restrooms are one of the most traffic-prone areas in a building, and one may go there a significant number of times per day. Whether in an office, hospital, restaurant, mall, or airport, the restroom experience will have a direct impact on users’ perception of a building, and thus their interest in working, dining, shopping, or visiting that building. The connection between restroom conditions, businesses, and customers are more interconnected than we thought. Therefore, there is an urgent need for businesses to adopt smart restroom solutions to improve the hygiene and cleanliness of restrooms and improve the health and well-being of facility users.

Business Challenges

Lack of real-time visibility into restroom occupancy and conditions

The unhygienic restroom is a hotbed of germs and virus transmission that may lead to health risks

Benefits of leveraging LoRa in supply chain logistics

Wasteful spending caused by consumable products like soap, toilet paper, and hand towel

Static and outdated cleaning procedures without real-time alerts for facilities maintenance

No monitoring alerts and assistance for seniors and disabled facilities

MOKOLoRa Contribution

The LoRaWAN-enabled smart restroom is a paradigm shift when compared to the traditional one. It sews together multiple smart devices and applications into a connected, digitally-enhanced smart restroom monitoring system. Leveraging our excellent and versatile MKL62BA LoRaWAN module and smart restroom technology, our client has developed a series of LoRaWAN sensors for smart public restroom renovation projects. These smart washroom sensors including occupancy monitoring sensors, ambiance sensors, toilet paper usage detection sensors, air dryer usage detection sensors, smart button and so on, greatly reducing the overall project development duration and cost.

Generally, lightweight sensors come with a limited battery capacity, so there are higher requirements for battery life. Besides, most of the places where lightweight sensors installed are inconvenient to maintain and require a certain range of communication. With its long distance transmission, low power consumption, small size and high compatibility, MKL62BA makes it possible to develop a variety of terminal products suitable for various scenarios.

MOKOLoRa Contribution in smart restroom solution

Solution Diagram

Smart restroom solution offers great opportunities for connected, user-friendly, and sustainable restrooms in commercial buildings. By collecting various information about the restroom from a set of LoRaWAN sensors, the LoRaWAN gateway send these data to a third-party cloud server for processing and analysis. Then commercial building manager and staff are enabled to access these information on their mobile devices. And actionable insights are organized based on the restroom management system to help maintain smart restrooms. More importantly, users are available to monitor the restroom usage in real-time through a large digital screen outside the restroom.

Solution Diagram of MOKOLoRa smart restroom solution

Benefits Delivered

Boosting users well-being, satisfaction, and health when using restroom

Maintaining cleanliness, hygiene, and sustainability of commercial public restrooms

Reducing water usage consumption, consumable goods waste, and labor cost

Traffic counters registering occupancy helping ensure social distancing

Real-time alerts for preventative maintenance and proactive cleaning tasks


“The stable and reliable performance of the MKL62BA allows us to quickly develop lightweight sensors in multiple categories, saving development costs and shortening product development cycles.”