MOKOLoRa helps to bring wireless motorcycle tracking system in Philippines

Client Overview

In Southeast Asia and Latin America, motorcycles are the preferred means of transportation due to high population density, poor road infrastructure and average economic performance. Therefore, many local motorcycle rental companies and ride-hailing platforms are available to residents and visitors. While bringing convenience to people’s lives, there are problems with motorcycle travel such as high speed and relatively expensive vehicles. How to effectively track the location of motorcycles and prevent theft losses has become a serious problem faced by rental and ride-hailing platforms. Bringing effective motorcycle tracking systems is a matter of great urgency.

Business Challenges

Limited cellular network coverage, high maintenance cost, and low battery life

The loss caused by motorcycle theft is huge for ride-hailing owners and platforms

Benefits of leveraging LoRa in supply chain logistics

Difficulty in real-time data collection over large geographic areas

No prompt alarm and response to unexpected events and emergencies

MOKOLoRa Contribution

IoT is tackling the challenges of moving things around the world, and MOKOLoRa is helping our customers deliver effective and reliable vehicle tracking solutions. The Philippines client takes advantage of our robust and versatile LW001-BG PRO to provide a LoRa-based wireless motorcycle tracking system. The LoRaWAN motorcycle tracking device is embodied with high-precision positioning performance, long-distance communication, and ultra-long battery life.

In this motorbike tracking solution, hundreds of LoRaWAN GPS trackers will be installed on rental motorcycles. The high-precision GPS positioning module of LW001-BG PRO will report the current vehicle position periodically and timely, and the client is enabled to track the trajectory and whereabouts of the rental vehicle on their mobile applications. Based on the information collected by smart trackers, our client is allowed to track and determine the current vehicle status and respond to abnormal situations in a timely manner.

Solution Diagram

The motorcycle tracking system is of great significance for vehicle-hailing platforms since they may be in the dark about the location of motorcycles without it. With small and battery-powered LoRaWAN motorcycle trackers mounted on motorbikes, these smart tracking devices collect real-time information about their location and securely transmit the data to a LoRaWAN network through a gateway. This way the renter can check for up-to-data information about the exact location of the motorcycle and its estimated speed, and be alerted in case of an unexpected event.

It’s worth noting that the LW001 motor GPS tracker boasts a unique anti-tamper alarm mechanism. Once it is forcibly removed, an alarm notification will be triggered to notify users of the abnormal situation. The best motorbike tracker has a large battery capacity that can run for up to 5 years and work both indoors and outdoors, even in harsh environments.

Benefits Delivered

Multiple positioning capabilities enable tracking over large geographic areas and in harsh environments

Enabling motorcycle fleet owners to keep tabs on their vehicles and manage them effectively

The small vehicle tracking device is easy to use, cheap to install and easy to scale

Real-time monitoring to reduce accident rates and improve driver safety

Automatic emergency alerts are triggered based on geofencing and movement


“The LW001-BG PRO makes it easy to monitor the location of motorbikes and offers long life and high protection against the hot and rainy weather conditions of the Philippines”

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