Smart irrigation system using LoRaWAN is boosting fruit productivity

Client Overview

Water is an essential element in the growth of crops and plants. It makes important effects that promote the growth of crops and increase the yield. And there are strict standards for the irrigation of crops. Excessive water is likely to damage the crops, and it is also a waste of water resources, while less water may compromise crop growth. Pretty much farmers are wondering if they have access to reliable data that will enable them to make informed decisions about irrigation. The rapid development of IoT technology has opened up new possibilities for smart irrigation systems that can provide optimal growing conditions for crops and plants.

Business Challenges

Traditional irrigation management systems rely primarily on weather changes, which are not reliable and efficient enough

Farmers lack the necessary information to confirm whether their crops and plants should be irrigated or not

Benefits of leveraging LoRa in supply chain logistics

It is difficult to determine how much water should be irrigated for proper plant growth

Over-irrigation will pose risks to damage your plants and soil and lead to a great waste of water resources

Manual management of irrigation system is a laborious and time-consuming task, and there are unavoidable manual errors

MOKOLoRa Contribution

With the growing need to improve irrigation efficiency and reduce water wastage, there is an increasing emphasis on the use of advanced technologies to deploy sustainable and efficient smart irrigation systems. LoRa comes with excellent integration in low power consumption and long transmission coverage, which shows an obvious advantage in wireless irrigation. In order to help farmers improve irrigation efficiency and create a better growing environment for crops, we have developed an advanced LoRaWAN humidity and temperature sensor to help build efficient, economical, and automatic smart watering systems.

Our LoRaWAN T&H Sensor can be installed in different crop fields, orchards, and greenhouses, measuring the ambient temperature and humidity data of crops and fruit trees. It is ideal for remote irrigation monitoring implementations as it allows farmers to read the real-time temperature and humidity values at any time and from anywhere. As a result of these measurements, farmers can optimize their irrigation operations to better manage their crops and plants and ensure maximum crop yields.

MOKOLoRa Contribution in smart irrigation system

Solution Diagram

Control of ambient conditions is particularly important to the growth and cultivation of fruit trees. The Turkey client adopts our LW002-TH sensor to measure the ambient temperature and humidity data in the orchard. By deploying smart sensors at specific locations and trees, the gateway will collect the environmental information and send them to the cloud. After processing and analysis, the data will be displayed on farmers’ mobile phones, enabling them to make informed data-driven decisions about when to irrigate and, just as important, when to turn off the taps.

The provision of smart irrigation system allows farmers to receive information about what’s happening in the ground and helps them rapidly respond to any environmental changes in their orchards. With accurate site-specific environmental data, farmers can control specific amounts of water, adjusting watering regiments to match actual conditions. This ensures that their fruit trees are always at the right moisture levels and enjoy a better growing cycle, enabling higher yields with fewer resources.

Solution Diagram of MOKOLoRa smart irrigation system

Benefits Delivered

Accurate and real-time access to temperature and humidity information of plant growth

Remote monitoring capabilities reduce the amount of time farmers spend managing their irrigation

Dynamic responses to changing environments waste less water and further improve irrigation water management

The LW002-TH sensor is accurate and reliable, durable and easy to maintain, as well as cost-effective

No cables required, the LoRa-enabled smart irrigation system is easy to configure and demands no additional infrastructure

Why MOKOLoRa for your smart irrigation system


“The performance of the LW002-TH sensor is measuring up to our expectations, allowing us to read temperature and humidity values anytime, anywhere, and, to our surprise, the smart device has an operational life of up to ten years. “

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