MOKO helps build connected truck tracking system for a Mexico logistics company

Client Overview

The growth of transportation services in Mexico has boosted its export competitiveness in recent years, with roads freight accounting for the bulk of the total freight transport at over 91%. Logistics companies throughout the country are seeking ways for a change in increasing efficiency and compliance so as to improve their customer service. One of the most important aspects come with truck transportation is ensuring that the cargo is delivered on time. This makes it particularly important to track the geographic location of trucks at any given moment – which, for the LoRaWAN truck tracking system, is what it’s all about.

Business Challenges

Inability to pinpoint the location and access the speed data of freight vehicles

Lack of oversight of truck fleet locations to plan the efficient routes

Benefits of leveraging LoRa in supply chain logistics

No instant alerts and notifications in case of accidents

Experiencing a number of issues with on-time deliveries

MOKOLoRa Contribution

Unlike traditional truck GPS trackers, MOKOLoRa’s LW001-BG PRO utilizes the discretionary LoRaWAN protocol for wireless communication. The client can choose and combine a variety of positioning technologies, including GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi for indoor or outdoor tracking. The smart truck tracking device will track and report vehicle location information with the highest reliability, enabling real-time monitoring and tracking capabilities.

Additionally, its multi-working modes allow the sensor to work autonomously after simply gluing it on the truck without any human interaction. The ability to view where the freight vehicles are in real-time makes it possible for our client to manage shipments in a more effective and efficient way through improved routing. On numerous occasions, the smart truck tracking system can help fleet drivers get to their destinations faster and safer. The LW001 BG-PRO does amazingly well to help our customer understand the daily routine of vehicles.

MOKOLoRa contribution in truck tracking system

Solution Diagram

The LoRaWAN truck GPS tracker can be integrated easily into any location tracking project. Whether it is multi-purpose containers, refrigerated trailer carriers, or dry vans, LW001 BG-PRO are sending their geolocation information wirelessly to the gateway, which transmits the data to the cloud platform. A single base station or gateway using LoRa technology can cover a wide area, especially areas with weak GPS signals. The LoRaWAN fleet tracking solution provides an affordable way to improve fleet management and streamline business operations.

Solution Diagram of MOKOLoRa truck tracking system

Benefits Delivered

Offer real-time location and improve route planning to streamline schedules

Enable wide coverage and penetration for dense urban environments and rural areas

The geo-fencing capabilities have cut down a number of driver issues like off-route trips

Access to historical data provides deeper learning and insights on movement of vehicles

Quick and simple installation minimizes downtime, and low-cost end node sensors

Why MOKOLoRa for your truck tracking system


“The smart LoRaWAN truck GPS tracker works well to optimize our tracking problems. We are enabled to effectively manage our fleet trucks and streamline operations. This brings increased revenue and ensures excellent security and scalability that would otherwise be impossible. “

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