The Role of LoRa in COVID-19 Variant

The Role of LoRa in COVID-19 Variant
The Role of LoRa in COVID-19 Variant

The world has experienced unprecedented challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. By leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), government authorities and enterprises take in financial considerations to balance individuals’ safety and health concerns. With the circulation of the COVID-19 still in progress, we expect to see newer mutations as more opportunities circumstance the virus to change. Some examples of these opportunities include; Delta and Omicron. LoRa in COVID-19 Variant the most variant of concern is Omicron since it has multiple mutations that can affect its behavior. As a result of this mutation profile, it is essential to address its possible impacts. As we learn more about Omicron, the WHO European Region is dominated by the transmission of Delta. At this stage, Delta should be considered the priority.

Covid-19 vaccines protect the body against severe illnesses caused by variants, like Delta and Omicron. To stop the virus at its source, they must primarily consider finishing their vaccine series as required and incorporate the necessary proven preservative measures to protect themselves.

MOKOLoRA plays a significant role in manufacturing LoRaWAN solutions that help in contact tracing, addressing health specialists’ requirements, and guaranteeing that people in workplaces comply with healthcare regulations. LoRa in COVID-19 variant is fully dedicated to assisting individuals in the fight against the Coronavirus.

Report on the LoRa in COVID-19 variant

It is natural for all viruses like the COVID-19 virus to change over time. Nevertheless, the behavior of a virus may be altered by the combination of mutations. The Omicron variant is of most concern since it has many mutations. Some of its mutations have been linked with a possible increase in immune escape and transmissibility. This implies that there are still chances people can still get infected even when immunized or have acquired some natural immunity from the earlier COVID-19 infection. Due to this, it is essential to focus on investigating the Omicron variant for everyone to have a clear understanding of its probable impacts.

LoRa in COVID-19 variant

Tools for fighting the LoRa in COVID-19 variant

A vaccine is still the best public health measure that can be used to safeguard individuals from the COVID-19 viruses. Moreover, the vaccine slows the virus’s transmission rate and reduces the possibility of new variants emerging. The vaccination against Coronavirus protects individuals against severe infection, hospitalizations, and even deaths.

Everyone above 5 years is recommended to be fully vaccinated to protect themselves from Coronavirus. The center for diseases control commends that all people above 18 years should receive a booster shot six months after completing the Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine or two months after their preliminary J&J/Janssen vaccine. The basic tools for fighting the Omicron variant include;

• Face masks
• Vaccine
• Soaps and sanitizers
• Keep social distance
• Nucleic acid amplification tests and antigen tests

Tools for fighting the COVID variant

Where has Omicron been detected?

CDC is working with all governments to analyze the spread of the Omicron variant. Every state in the US has recorded at least one Omicron variant coronavirus case.

African variant COVID has been reported in four countries in Africa so far. The first country on the continent to record this was Ghana, and the latest to give reports on the new variant is Nigeria. COVID South Africa variant has recorded the largest number of 120 cases, and Botswana has reported 19 cases. As of date, over 20 countries have recorded the variant.

Where has Omicron been detected

Solutions to the Omicron variant

Learning characteristics of the virus

Scientists from the center for diseases control (CDC) are partnering with different partners to collect data and samples of the virus to find solutions to the Omicron variant. The CDC will soon update us on the variant as the experiments have already started.

Variant surveillance

The CDC is tracking variants of the virus that causes Corona using the genomic surveillance system. They are doing this to quickly detect and use the findings accordingly to offer the best health protection to the public. CDC has already established various ways to link and share genomic sequence data from commercial diagnostic laboratories, public health laboratories, and the data it collects.

What is WHO doing in response to Omicron?

The World Health Organization (WHO) is working with various governments and associates to comprehend the possible effect of the Omicron variant on the already existing protective measures, like vaccines. Several facilities are conducting researches on the performance of the COVID-19 vaccines in the fight against the variant. Moreover, WHO carefully examines the epidemiology and the vaccination status of individuals infected with the Omicron variant.

WHO in response to Omicron

Frequently asked questions

How easily does Omicron spread?

It is anticipated that the Omicron variant is likely to spread more quickly than the original COVID-19 virus. However, it is unknown if Omicron spread more than the Delta variant. The possibility of someone transmitting the Omicron infection is still high even when the individual is vaccinated and has no symptoms.

Will Omicron cause more severe illness?

More information is required to determine if the Omicron variants, especially reinfections among fully vaccinated individuals, can cause more severe illnesses or deaths than the other variant infections.

Will vaccines work against Omicron?

It is anticipated that the available vaccines will protect individuals against infections from the Omicron variant. Though, it is still likely that fully vaccinated people have chances of experiencing breakthrough infections. Vaccines are still effective in other variants such as Delta. After the recent emergence of Omicron, people are advised of the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine and boosters.

Will treatments against Omicron work?

Scientists are effectually working to govern the need to use the existing COVID-19 treatments. After considering the changed Omicron genetic make-up, it is still likely that some treatments will remain effective, whereas others will be less effective.


Real-world deployments of LoRa in COVID- 19 variants

LoRaWAN contact tracing sensors, LoRa in COVID-19 variant

LoRaWAN contact tracing sensors help identify a contamination cluster by tracking all the possible contacts among the infected and healthy people. It is essential to monitor the probability of spreading the virus from one person to another by conducting contact tracing at all levels in a workplace facility.

Every employee in a workplace facility can be equipped with the necessary LoRaWAN contact tracing sensor, which allows easy monitoring and works along with security badges for access control. The sensor gives an audible or visual warning whenever it records two or more people exceeding the safety limit.


LoRaWAN T&H sensors, LoRa in COVID-19 variant

Most countries are increasingly adopting the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to offer enhanced community services to their citizens. Deploying LoRa in COVID-19 variant helps address customers’ needs quickly and accelerates product development.

LoRaWAN temperature and humidity monitoring applications offer prompt insights that enable individuals and health care providers to address the COVID-19 pandemic efficiently. These sensors are equipped with long-range capabilities that help in monitoring data of temperature and humidity in the healthcare industry.


LoRaWAN Panic button, LoRa in COVID-19 variant

The LoRaWAN panic button enhances safety measures and improves emergency response times by responding effectively to panic button commands. The LoRaWAN panic button is a wireless IoT device that needs a consistent, stable connection. LoRa in COVID-19 variant the LoRaWAN technology in this safety system is an obvious solution. Compared to Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN is better as it does not drain the battery life of a panic button and does not suffer network delays due to crowded Wi-Fi devices. This LoRaWAN safety solution offers a wireless panic button system that outspreads the spread rate of COVID-19 in an organization.


LoRaWAN Smart Badge, LoRa in COVID-19 variant

The LoRaWAN smart badge bilateral communication system uses on-screen text messages, light alarms, and audible signals to send timely contacts between team players. A smart badge secures and empowers workers in a facility as it is convenient in sharing critical data at the touch of a button within seconds. They can also be deployed in vehicles and equipment.

LoRaWAN smart badges use LoRa 2.4 GHz to communicate with each other. It can be used in any facility to enhance direct badge-to-badge messaging on the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Besides instantly notifying the badge wearer of the COVID-19 situation, smart badges also create a comprehensive event record.


LoRaWAN GPS Tracker, LoRa in COVID-19 variant


IoT technologies enhance location and proximity tracking by embodying two standard components of a smartphone: the GPS receivers and Bluetooth transceivers. LoRaWAN GPS tracking devices make it easy to map and analyze the position of a person or a large group of individuals.

The LoRaWAN GPS trackers are beneficial. They provide information on whether two or more individuals have been within a range of 1.5 to 2 meters with an infected person in the last 10 to 15 minutes. They play a vital role in determining when the risk of infection is high. New smartphone-based contact tracing apps are being developed and proposed by various companies.

LoRaWAN Insulated Vaccine Carrier

Insulated vaccine carriers are necessary for ensuring efficiency as it maintains the required deep freeze conditions in the CoVID-19 vaccines supply chain. Constant data monitoring, recording, and reporting in a supply chain is critical in sustaining a suitable environment for the vaccine.

The LoRaWAN insulated vaccine carrier is a fully wireless, automatic monitoring system that detects any variance in the data stream. In case of temperature drop or rise, the vaccine carrier sends a notification to the end-user. For this use case, LoRa in COVID-19 variant LoRaWAN connectivity is still best in offering quality connections and high levels of security. Generally, this solution is the best in maintaining a continuous stable temperature for COVID-19 vaccines.


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