Steps to Effective LoRa Food Saving Solutions

Steps to Effective LoRa Food Saving Solutions
Steps to Effective LoRa Food Saving Solutions

LoRa Food Saving Solutions

Millions of people are currently facing the issue of world hunger, and it is promptly on the rise. Internationally, more than 600 million individuals go to bed hungry every night. What’s sadder is that the figures are expected to rise to about 670 million by 2030. Hunger is an intricate concern that is closely linked with poverty. Moreover, it is driven by communal, social, demographic, and political factors.

Most individuals living in poverty often experience reduced factors like improper sanitation, and inadequate access to clean water, health services, and education. All these dominantly contribute to hunger. Nevertheless, despite the reach of hunger, food produced globally is more than enough to feed every individual on this planet. Several challenges must first be overcome to facilitate an enhanced allocation of food resources.

Smart devices from MOKOLora based on the LoRaWAN protocol offer a perfect feature set for food safety applications, thus enabling reliable efficiency in the food supply. Thanks to the proven benefits of LoRaWAN products, MOKOLoRa has a complete solution for its customers for minimizing food wastage. We have the LoRa food saving solutions that maintain the safety of contents in a refrigerator already in the market.

How LoRa Food Saving Solutions Enhance Food Supply

LoRaWAN Optimizes Farm Water Usage

Food wastage is a significant issue in most third-world countries in the world. Since there are substantial resources needed to grow food, the wastage of food largely contributes to changes in climate through the unnecessary application of fossil fuels to produce these resources. Different forces such as crop stability, pest and diseases, inadequate labour, and other market factors contribute to farm food loss.

The efficiency of farm products can be vastly improved using smart IoT devices. MOKOLoRa has endorsed the LoRaWAN network connectivity in its smart agriculture solution. The LoRaWAN tracker enables farmers to monitor their farming systems adequately. They enhance efficiency and profits in farms by providing data that allows farmers to optimize the usage of resources in their farms more easily.

LoRaWAN for Cattle Ranching

Both livestock and crops are primarily affected by waste issues. Some of the causes that contribute to loss in livestock include; environmental conditions, health issues, and predation. We can significantly combat the waste of food and animals by improving the effectiveness of our food systems.

Moreover, the issue of food security can be achieved sustainably by improving the oversight of food systems. Reducing food wastes and losses is essential as it helps in alleviating climate changes and achieving worldwide food security.

Ranch farmers can efficiently use end-devices that use the LoRaWAN standard protocol to minimize food waste, improve yields, and reduce expenses. For instance, the MOKOLoRa smart agriculture solutions such as IoT sensors monitor health in cattle. By using such end devices to identify cattle estrus, ranchers can utilize them to monitor their cattle closely. These LoRa food saving solutions safety devices significantly enhance nutrition and boost the birth rates in livestock.

Also, MOKOLoRa manufactures IoT sensors for monitoring cattle. When tagged on the ear of a cow, these IoT sensors use a LoRaWAN gateway to wirelessly transmit real-time data. More significantly, these IoT cattle monitoring solutions have a GPS tracker and biometric sensor that closely monitors the location of livestock.

LoRa Devices Prevent Food Waste in Restaurants

Managers in the restaurant industry can use the LoRa food saving solutions from MOKOLoRa to carefully monitor all food products in their restaurant, from the refrigerators to tables. These LoRa food saving solutions extend the shelf life of food products; thus, they play a significant role in preventing food waste. Nevertheless, food safety is affected by various factors such as errors in handling and storing food that also contribute to food wastage.

The LoRaWAN-temperature and humidity sensors from MOKOLoRa can be used in restaurants applications. Restaurant managers can use IoT solutions such as trackers to acquire real-time data, thus able to maximize the shelf life of food and ensure that the food sold is fit for consumption. Moreover, managers can use LoRa-enabled IoT sensors to eliminate human errors by closely surveying the safety and condition of food before it is sold to customers.

Benefits of LoRa Food Saving Solutions from MOKOLoRa

• They enhance remote food temperature monitoring.
• Ensures that the food is of excellent quality and suitable for human consumption.
• Helps to minimize food waste, thus increasing revenue.
• Enables customers to save costs.
• The solutions are developed with a long-lasting battery that can be used for at least 5 years without replacement.
• Uses warnings, mobile applications, and email deliveries to provide real-time data to the relevant personnel
• All their processes are paperless and environmentally friendly. Data captured is stored in a local database or the cloud. It can be promptly retrieved at any time.

MOKOLoRa is a leading company that designs hardware and software IoT solutions. Moreover, the company develops and implements comprehensive, customized IoT solutions that enable other companies and individuals to automate their digitalization processes. Moreover, MOKOLoRa has incorporated innovative IoT technology to create automatic systems that monitor food temperatures remotely.

Using LoRa chipsets, MOKOLoRa IoT solutions offer easy-to-understand, real-time data to relevant users on their mobile devices or in a web-based dashboard. These LoRa food saving solutions send warning to the user through alert notifications whenever the temperatures exceed the set range. What are you waiting for? Visit MOKOLoRa and purchase your LoRa food saving solutions from the best.

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