How to Enhance Smart Home Security System with LoRa Technology

How to Enhance Smart Home Security System with LoRa Technology
How to Enhance Smart Home Security System with LoRa Technology

With the rapid economic growth, the fast-paced living conditions make people pay more attention to the quality and taste of life. It has become a hot topic in the world today about how to build a high-efficiency and low-cost smart home system. Due to the explosive development of Internet of Things, its impact has invisibly penetrated into all walks of life, and smart home security is no exception. In this article, we will focus on exploring a connected smart home security system based on LoRa technology.

What is a smart home security system

A smart home security system is a part of home automation that integrates with various smart home devices. Different from traditional security gadgets, wireless home security system monitoring is more user-friendly and intelligent. It builds a three-dimensional smart security system to ensure people’s normal life as well as their property and life security, and provide people with a safe and comfortable living environment.

Apart from the smart door lock and monitor unit that we’ve heard about many times, the smart home monitoring system covers a series of intelligent devices such as smart gateway, smart plug, smoke detector, gas sensor, SOS panic button, water leakage sensor, etc. These things surrounding your home are connected directly or indirectly through the Internet of Things in the process of home automation. It is a key factor to be able to control these devices remotely and accurately in the network when needed.

What’s the role of LoRa in smart home security

LoRa is the de facto wireless platform of the Internet of Things. The LoRa-enabled smart home security system connects a variety of smart home devices together, and helps monitor and manage them via your smartphone, giving you peace of mind when you’re away or just resting at home. With smart fire protection and house alarm system as the core, it builds the first line of protection for your family to meet the security needs of family life in an all-around way.

LoRa-activated smart home security solutions are designed to remotely monitor the home environment and update users with real-time data. Without wiring, LoRa technology has strong compatibility and scalability. You can employ various LoRa sensors to collect environmental information such as smoke information, temperature and humidity information in different areas of your home. Then, the LoRa gateway transmits these data collected from sensor nodes to the cloud server for data processing and analysis. Users will be notified instantly when an abnormal situation occurs.

Different types of LoRa smart home security sensors

There is a diverse range of interconnected smart home security gadgets in this day and age. This includes motion sensors, door sensors, smoke detectors, panic buttons, glass breakage detector, and so on. These wireless sensor nodes can be used as data collectors or simple switches, and some devices can be turned off or on remotely in an emergency for remote control. Here are several best security sensors that you can take into consideration.

Different types of LoRa smart home security sensors

Motion sensor
Motion sensors, which detect human movements, can be used to monitor illegal intruders and are often installed near windows and balconies. It can also be installed outside the house in areas that are not normally accessed by people to detect thieves climbing over walls. At the same time, it can be connected with other smart gadgets, such as closing smart windows to prevent thieves from entering the house. It applies the same at night.

MOKOLoRa LW007 motion sensor can detect PIR presence and door magnetic induction, and monitor the indoor temperature and humidity. It is an ideal option for detecting movement in a selected area of your home.

Door & Window sensor
The smart door and window sensors know about a break-in before it happens. They understand and detect the open windows and doors when someone tries to force their way in. In case of abnormal opening and external violence, it will immediately send out a strong alarm sound to attract people’s attention, just like a car alarm. A strong alarm can notify people around and prevent the illegal behavior of thieves effectively.

Gas sensor
The kitchen is a high-risk area with safety hazards, where there may be gas leakage, gas poisoning and the elderly forgetting to turn off the fire. Through the gas sensor monitoring, when the gas concentration value exceeds the threshold, it will immediately issue an alarm sound to remind the family, and the mobile phone will pop up the alarm. Meanwhile, the gas detector is linked to the smart valve, which will close the gas pipeline valve and open the smart window for ventilation.

Smoke detector
Smoke detection is similar to gas detection, which is used to monitor smoke concentration. If you forget to turn off the fire when cooking in the kitchen, and the food burns and smokes, then the smoke detector will give an alarm to prevent fire or even explosion. As the smoke is monitored, it is generally installed in areas with large fire risks, such as kitchens. If possible, it can be installed in every room.

Water leakage sensor
Water sensors can effectively detect water leakage, such as water leakage from kitchen faucets, washing machines, air conditioners, etc. If there is no alarm, there may be a slippery fall when someone enters the kitchen, especially since the consequences of falls for the elderly can be serious. The installation of water leakage sensor can effectively avoid such things, and meanwhile, it can be connected with the smart valve to turn off the water valve, reducing unnecessary economic losses.

Panic button
A panic button is a simple and convenient way to ask for help when someone meets an emergency at home. The emergency button can be installed in the living room, bedroom or bathroom for help and alarm in the event of an emergency. Especially for the elderly and children, if the elderly are alone at home and suffer from sudden illness such as cerebral hemorrhage or hypertension, they can press the panic button nearby to trigger an alarm, and family members will be informed instantly, which is more conducive to prompt help.

Glass breakage detector
A glass break sensor is a very useful and unique addition to a smart home security system, which notifies the owners in time before thieves cause additional damage. Usually, it is placed in the location facing the glass and gives an alarm by detecting the high-frequency sound of the glass. It can be a final piece of a complete set of smart home monitoring solution.

Benefits of LoRa-Activated home security system

LoRa technology is undoubtedly changing the way people interact with their homes with its long-range, low-power and low-cost connectivity. Continuous monitoring through real-time video, remote access/control and sensor-driven alarms can help us stay in touch and informed, even when we are not at home. Besides, you can enjoy more benefits of the smart home security alarm system powered by LoRa, and that includes:

Benefits of LoRa-activated home security system

Better security of residence
One of the many benefits of a smart home security system is the increased security of residence. Pretty much of people feel that home is best refuge from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, and the importance of home security is self-evident. With real-time monitoring, you will feel at ease that everything at home is under your control. Smart home monitoring system provides better security than guards, and you will be warned if someone tries to enter your premise illegally.

Significant reduction in unwanted break-ins
Break-ins are quite common these days. It is often observed that homes with defective or no security systems are commonly targeted by robbers. A well-developed burglar alarm system can prevent gangsters from entering your house. To some extent, the security alarm has a psychological deterrent effect on potential home invaders. A villain will think twice before entering a facility equipped with security equipment, as it could land him in jail.

Supports 10+ years of battery life
LoRaWAN is one of the leading remote connection protocols when long battery life is required. It can use low power to send data information over a long distance, which makes LoRaWAN devices run on batteries for 10 years or more, while WiFi or Zigbee solutions require a lot of power.

Low-cost operation
LoRaWAN protocol is a cost-effective solution that can be expanded with the growth of the Internet of Things. It doesn’t need to lay out extra infrastructure, and the cost of deploying narrowband signaling and low-cost RF modules is reduced, which means that LoRaWAN has significant cost advantages that other RF connection solutions don’t have.

Maintain your smart home monitoring system with MOKOLoRa

The combination of direct cloud connection, lower operating cost and ultra-low power consumption make the LoRaWAN protocol one of the ideal solutions for the Internet of Things applications. The LoRa-activated smart home security system can be used not only for residential buildings but also for security monitoring in warehouses, factories, flower greenhouses and other places. If you are considering adopting a LoRa-enabled security alarm solution, MOKOLoRa is the best choice.

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